• Unconventional Gas Asset Evaluation – Canning Basin Western Australia

Triskel Energy was contacted by a private investor to perform due diligence for shale gas prospects in Canning Basin of Western Australia. One of them is the Kidson Sub-basin and the other one was Fitzroy Trough.

For the Kidson Sub-basin, the first phase of evaluation was based on geological evaluation with reference to TOC, thermal maturity, organic rich source rock thickness and existing core data. Second phase of the project aimed at evaluating the risks of the exploration program. Candidate wells within the prospective area were selected and then individual success ratios determined. Based on this evaluation, two well locations were confirmed.

Fitzroy Trough is on the North-East flank of Canning Basin and is a potential source of hydrocarbons. Even though limited number of wells that were drilled never penetrated the source rock, the produced hydrocarbons in nearby wells confirm presence of source rock.

Same methodology for Kidson Sub-basin project is used for this evaluation.

A thorough study of the two assets including drilling program for the asset in Kidson Sub-basin and Fitzroy Trough is completed over two years.

• Brown Field Development – Gorj, Romania

Meotian gas reservoir with had significant decline in production. Water cut was increasing and as a resulting accelerating the decline in production. The objective was to shut-off the excessive water production and explore means to increase gas production. The production was at 85Mscm/day from 33 active wells out of 64 total wells. Evaluated and validated the (additional) potential of the field, identified the technologies to be used. As a result of this study and workover operation, additional gas zones were identified, the reservoir model better defined. A multilayer production mechanism identified.

After the workover operations, the production was increased to 183Mscm/day.

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